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Why Gaze?

Gaze productions can help you conveying the message you want in the way your audience would love watching. Get a quote now!

Gaze Productions has a proven track record of a creative and effective work in the field of Photography and Video Production.
Our goal is to meet and exceed the expectations of every customer. Keeping close communication during all stages of a project development.
All customers are important to us, and we pride ourselves on our determination to provide a professional and quality service at all times, from conception to completion.
We are open and ready for all types of service from product photography and promo videos for an Amazon seller, to international conventions and corporate videos, all carried out to the highest standards, and at a very competitive price.

joelJOEL BERNARDES is a creative director with 15 years of working in the field of theatre, which includes puppetry and mime. Having worked in many forms of theatre, this experience has developed the unique way he feeds his cinematic Gaze. He founded GAZE Productions while studying and graduating at the University of the Arts London in 2015, where he aspired to practice his craft. As a filmmaker, he directs the actors with the same kind of passion that a theatre director has. Having worked as an actor, he knows how important it is to have the time to develop an understanding of the director’s artistic goals. By devoting the proper time and attention to an actor, he achieves a distinctive quality that few filmmakers without a background in theatre can find. Influenced by venerable theatre directors such as Peter Brook and Antunes Filho, he is able to bring a unique viewpoint to the film industry. As for his film influences, film directors such as Victor Erice, Alfred Hitchcock and Christopher Nolan acted as a solid foundation to his growing experience as a filmmaker.

rogerROGER FARIA has 16 years of experience in illustration, film and animation. His skills are approved by UOL (the biggest Internet portal of Latin America), AOL and other companies in Brazil. He started his practice when he was seven years old. Since then, he never stopped drawing. Animation came naturally. He always liked the stylised and simplistic form that represent animals, people and places. In his childhood, he was heavily influenced by cartoons by Hanna Barbera, which he still watches to this day. As a young man, he came in contact with the animation channel Cartoon Network, where for the first time he had access to professional work created with the style, shape and forms that inspired him in his youth. The projects that inspired him were as follows; “Cow & Chicken”, “Courage The Cowardly Dog”, “Johnny Bravo”, “Ed, Edd & Eddy” and many others. Today in Brazil, he admires the works of Gustavo Duarte, an illustrator from Bauru- SP. Drawing is his true passion and animation is the realization of his childhood dream.

What We Do


Contact us to voice your interests. We provide a range of services, such as: videography, animation, photography and illustration. It doesn’t matter what is your project, we have the best solution for it.

Why Hire Us

The cost-effective results of online media democratised the advertising market, allowing small businesses to compete with big corporations for clients.

Through creating adverts on social media with us, you can avoid high cost advertising campaigns on television networks while achieving your expected goals in high quality advertisements.